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Buildings & LandscapesMaybe you're a builder, remodeler or decorator and your business directly revolves around buildings and landscapes. Maybe you just need to introduce your customers to your business headquarters or publicize a company expansion into a new facility. Maybe you're advertising a tourist location or accommodation. Whatever your situation, most companies need high quality images of places and buildings for websites, brochures, reports and advertisements.

A large portion of NuVision Images work is devoted to these subjects. We are well equipped and experienced to handle the many challenges presented by this area of photography, some of which are represented in the examples included here.

Here are some examples followed by a photo gallery.


Website Images

This bed and breakfast inn needed attractive photographs of the guest accommodations to replace 'do it yourself' snapshots on their website. Here, the use of a very wide angle lens and carefully balanced strobe lighting convey a sense of the room size, and accurately represent the decor colors, patterns and textures.


Outdoor Shots

Conditions are often less than ideal for outdoor shots, and it isn't always possible to reschedule the shoot.

This historic lighthouse was shot in the gloom of a heavy rainstorm, with leaden skies.

The perspective and relative sizes of the different elements were handled by careful selection of lens and shooting position, but the fair sky had to be added later in the computer – a fairly straightforward process, but one demanding care and experience for a convincing result.


Indoor Pictures

Taken for a kitchen remodeler, this image needed not only to present an attractive picture of the room, but particularly to reproduce the rich tones of the woodwork. Typically, this type of shot requires multiple, carefully placed and balanced lights, and an exposure designed to capture both the natural room lighting and the exterior view through the window.

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