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Corporate EventsThere are many reasons for photographing events in your business life. Pictures enliven newsletters and keep employees and customers informed; pictures add to the significance of employee recognition; pictures in the press contribute to name recognition and company image; pictures of past events help to generate interest in future ones.

People often take snapshots at company functions. However, these images are rarely of the quality you want associated with your company image, and commercial uses need to be planned in advance to make sure you get the shots you need. That's where NuVision Images comes in.

Here are some examples followed by a photo gallery.


Program Cover

An example of planning ahead. For use as a program cover for the following year's event, this photograph was composed to be the right shape and size, and also to accommodate the required titling and text.

The alternative (waiting to see what pictures people have taken at the event, and hoping one of them will be suitable) has a low chance of real success.


Employee Awards

A photograph like this can serve two purposes. Published in the press or in a company newsletter or report, it can bring attention to the award and thus to a company achievement. The publication (and perhaps prints for those involved) helps to provide recognition and positive reinforcement for the employees.


Charity Golf TournamentRemember This?

Photographs of this charity golf tournament were used not only to thank participants for their contribution, but also (later) in individualized invitations to encourage them to come again the following year.

A side benefit: unlike in a 'serious' tournament, it's possible to photograph players in mid-shot. Several of them found the photos useful in analyzing their technique.


Workshops & Seminars

Workshop participants take part in a business simulation exercise. Photographs like this are useful to both the participants' companies, and also to the creators of the exercise for publicity and advertising.

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