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The following guidelines are intended to create consistency in business image and to ensure that photographs are suitable for reproduction in a wide variety of media – electronic, print and display.


Please agree on the degree of formality in dress, and all conform to it. It is fine to all be in business formal, business casual or casual attire, but not a mixture of these in one group photo or in a matched set of individual portraits. For formal business groups skirts are generally preferable to pants for the ladies.

Try to dress in solid colors and avoid stripes, spots, checks or other small patterns. (These may cause problems later, particularly in press reproduction.) For formal business portraits, choose fairly neutral tones rather than bright colors.

Remember the old adage: dark colors shed pounds, light colors add pounds.


Ladies: If possible, wear slightly heavier make-up than on a typical business day – perhaps similar to what you would wear for an evening function.

Gentlemen: Please have a close shave on the morning of the photo shoot; if you have a heavy beard, you may want to shave shortly before the shoot. For most purposes make-up is not required, although facial blemishes may be covered up with pancake or similar products.


If you normally wear glasses at work, it is appropriate to wear them for the photograph. Sunglasses are to be avoided wherever possible.


(Group photographs only): If there are particular groupings or relationships which should be reflected in a group photograph, please make sure the photographer is briefed in advance. Otherwise, people will likely be arranged for artistic composition (e.g. by reference to height, stature or clothing).

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