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ProductsMany NuVision Images assignments focus on business projects. Some customers routinely rely on us to record 'before and after' shots for portfolios and websites; some series of photos are used for instructional brochures or manuals; many photographs are used in reports to shareholders or employees, or to support proposals. You can probably think of several ways in which high quality professional images could assist your business endeavors.

Some photographers specialize in product shots and maintain specialized studios for the purpose. NuVision Images does not. However, we frequently photograph products – often at the customer's location.

Here are some examples followed by a photo gallery.


Typical Before and After ShotsTypical Before and After Shots

A typical pair of 'before and after' shots, in this case for inclusion in a remodeler's web portfolio. Examples like these can help potential customers to identify with the 'before' and see the possibilities for a great 'after'.


Multi-Product Photograph

A fairly typical multi-product photograph, shot for inclusion in a company website. The intention was to demonstrate the range of different manufacturing techniques offered. This type of shot demands careful control of perspective, lighting and background to direct attention to the main subjects and to represent them accurately to a discerning customer audience.


Instructional Article

This is one in a series of photographs for an instructional article on correct installation of custom windows.

Many companies have found they can boost their professional image – and generate additional business – by authoring 'how to' articles or brochures, or delivering illustrated seminars at trade shows.

Note the opportunity to include advertising in the educational material. In this case both the manufacturer and the installer are promoted through the display of names and company logos.


Small Objects

Small objects present many challenges for the photographer. This ring is one of a large collection illustrated for sale. It was taken with a macro lens to produce a sharp image at greater than life size, in a light tent to control reflections. Accurate color rendition is vital and is achieved by careful attention to each step in the workflow from image capture to final reproduction.

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