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If you search for photographers in the Greater Rochester area and Genesee region, you'll find plenty of portraiture studios and many wedding photographers, all offering standard packages.

NuVision Images is different.

We specialize in three areas which have proved to be particularly important to families, and which are very difficult for the average family to photograph well themselves: location portraits and groups, homes and gardens, and restoration of old photographs. We don't have standard 'take it or leave it' packages – we're flexible to meet your unique needs – and we don't maintain a fancy studio with high overhead, so our lower costs are passed on to you in very affordable prices.

Click on the pictures below to explore your area(s) of interest, then call for a free discussion of your special vision and how we can turn it into an economical, high-quality reality.

Portraits & GroupsPORTRAITS & GROUPS

We'll help you choose the right kind of images for your intended use – prints, slides, computer images or printed material. We'll bring all the equipment to you and create the images.


Home & GardensHOMES & GARDENS

Everyone takes many pictures of their homes and gardens – whether it's photos of a new house to share with family and friends, 'before and after' pictures of remodeling, or images to help sell the property.



Being a senior is a special time in everyone's life. We aim to capture that moment with our expertise in photography to give you the right picture(s) to display in your home, share with family and to cherish for many years to come.



It's fun to trace and record your family history, and even more so if you have pictures of your forebears, their homes and their lives. However, so often the photos are not in very good shape.


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