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Homes & GardensEveryone takes many pictures of their homes and gardens – whether it's photos of a new house to share with family and friends, 'before and after' pictures of remodeling, or images to help sell the property. However, as you've probably discovered, it's very difficult to get good results with typical amateur equipment and skills. NuVision Images has specialized for some time in creating impressive images of a wide variety of homes. (See particularly the third example below.)

It's just as difficult to make successful photographs of gardens, both individual flowers and complete landscapes. If you'd like to have beautiful records of your prize blooms and the appearance of your yard from year to year, let us delight you with professional images.

Here are some examples followed by a photo gallery.



These Daylilies required carefully controlled lighting, precise exposure and a macro lens to show off their beauty at its best.

They were photographed on site where they grew next to the driveway.


Family Christmas Card

Here's an example of a seemingly simple picture, taken for use as a family Christmas card, and intended to convey the warm welcome awaiting all inside on a cold, snowy night.

However, it's not quite as simple as it seems. To achieve a sharp, correctly exposed photo at dusk without converging verticals demands equipment and expertise beyond those of the typical homeowner. (We have both.)


Ultrawide AngleNormal Angle

Doesn't this room on the top look spacious? It's a good example of what is possible with an ultrawide angle and perspective control.

By comparison, the picture on the bottom was taken from the same spot with a typical point and shoot camera at its widest angle setting.


Special Effects

Often, clients ask for garden or landscape shots to be transformed by special effects.

Here, detail has been suppressed and simulated brush strokes added.

Many different effects are available and can be matched to the unique features of each image for a 'one-of-a-kind' result.

The effect can also be enhanced by printing the image on special textured or art paper.

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