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Family Group PhotosThank you for your interest in having your family pictures created by Richard Ashworth at NuVision Images. Family photographs are consistently chosen as the most valuable possessions to be protected in natural disasters, so they’re a big deal and I feel privileged to be invited to share in your family heirlooms. Here are a few notes to help you to plan for a successful and enjoyable experience.


NuVision Images is not primarily a portrait studio, with standard setups and packages. I’m a commercial photographer and the majority of my work is custom assignments for companies for advertisements, websites, brochures, press publication, portfolios and displays. I bring this same special, ‘one-off’ approach to my family portraiture projects, including group photographs.


I never walk into a commercial photoshoot ‘cold’ and I try to apply this same approach to family group picture sessions. If possible I like to meet with the family before the shoot. This is a good time to get to know you all a little and understand your vision of the final product you’re after –factors which help to produce a meaningful portrait. It’s also a time to discuss poses, backdrops, clothing, and any particular ideas that you may have. I encourage everyone to look out for examples of images they like (in magazines, for example) to share and discuss at this meeting. There is no additional cost for this pre-planning meeting.


I prefer to discuss clothing and presentation in person before the shoot, but here are a few general guidelines:

  • Solid colors usually work better than patterns with spots, stripes, etc.
  • Remember the old adage: dark colors shed pounds, light colors add pounds.
  • For most poses, sleeves look better than sleeveless.
  • If you normally wear glasses, it’s appropriate to wear them for the photo.
  • Sunglasses are to be avoided if possible.
  • Make-up should be a little heavier than normal daytime – more like for an evening out.
  • Men should shave shortly before the shoot if possible.

Some families like to dress smartly for a more formal look, but more prefer casual clothing. The main thing is: don’t mix the two. Agree in advance what you’re going to wear. Some families choose to have coordinated outfits (for example white tops and blue denim skirts, shorts or pants); in these cases, it’s essential that everyone conforms, as one differently dressed person ruins the effect.


If you’d like a photograph with a studio backdrop, we can discuss the many alternatives I have available. However, I feel it’s usually more meaningful (particularly when the treasured pictures are looked at in years to come) if the setting is the family home or a nearby location that has some significance. Again, this is an important discussion at the planning meeting.


NuVision Images does not offer preset packages. Too often these force you to buy prints you don’t want in order to get the ones you do want. I prefer to produce exactly the prints you need, and these are available in a range of sizes from wallet sets to large wall display prints (mounted and framed if you like). Be sure to discuss options like the surface (glossy, luster, matte, fine art or canvas) and special layouts.


Of course, more photographs are shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and websites than in print form these days. NuVision Images portraits are also available as JPEG files, sized and optimized for screen display and e-mailing (but not to be printed). Just remember, you do need to pay for a license to show and share these copyright images; any proofs you receive for selection purposes are not to be used before purchase.

Getting a family portrait should be fun and I’ll do all I can to help you enjoy the experience. I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve, so if you see opportunities to make the process even better for future clients, please let me know.

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